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Pencil House Portraits of Your Home by Jeanna

Pencil House Portraits...Watercolor Paintings... Colored Pencil Drawings..

 Pencil House Portraits, a gateway to our preserving our pasts.

Custom drawn pencil house portraits are a perfect choice for anyone longing to preserve the quiet grandeur of an historic landmark building or family home. The hand drawn detail and personal rendering of daylight and ambiance stirs the onlooker right back into the heartfelt nostalgia of days gone by.

Pencil house portraits can capture a feeling that photographs, mechanical by nature, simply deplete.

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8" x 10" Pencil House Portraits = $ 65

11" x 14" Pencil House Portraits = $ 95

Additional Text = $4


Change of Seasons = $ 20.00

Mounted in a black art mat included

Shipping included


Whether you chose a color pencil house portraits or a graphite rendering, you can be sure that the details alone will bring back the cherished memories of your special places for years to come. Each of us carries within us a unique and personal story of our upbringing and family history. For many people the concept of 'home' evokes a myriad of happy memories and a pencil house portraits are the perfect way to capture that fondness forever.

When we, as impressionable human beings, experience an environment first hand we color it with our own personal thoughts and feelings. While a camera cannot achieve this, an artist has no choice, being human he cannot help himself. That is what makes pencil house portraits infinitely more valuable than a simple photograph. The day was never as perfect as the day you remember, and no photograph can ever do justice to the way the memory makes you feel.

You may ask yourself why choose a pencil house portraits over a water color or a painting. The answer lies in the pencil's proclivity toward detail. The architectural details which our memories may omit or lose over time can be preserved in delicate but undeniably precise detail! The architectural nuances are what make a building special, they are the details that make it a "home" as opposed to a "house". A photograph can minimize the impact of certain architectural distinctions. These distinctions hold, for those who witnessed them first hand, the soul or artistry of the home a pencil portrait can bring them into sharp focus without detracting from the general feel of the whole portrait.

Pencil house portraits also make great gifts. Whether used for personal stationary or as a conversations piece to hang above the mantle, a pencil house portrait arouses a sense of the traditional while maintaining a feel all its own. Pencil house portraits make a unique and one of a kind house-warming gift for both the new home owner or the former one. Parents, siblings, grandparents, or childhood friends will treasure the monumental care taken to preserve the memory of a home or special place for years to come. Furthermore, as a house's exterior changes through coming renovations a pencil house portrait is not only a great way to preserve the original architectural concept but can also serve as a nod to the past, to that triumph of a building that has provided shelter for generations, a structure that survived history (or perhaps will!) so that it might become the treasure it was to the primary owner for his children and their children after that.

In the unfortunate, though often necessary, event that the home or special place ceases to exist or must be torn down? A pencil portrait might serve as the sweetest link that future generations have to the past. Every detail, preserved, exactly as you remember.