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Watercolor House Portraits, A Most Unique Gift!

It's often very difficult to choose a gift for a friend or colleague, with discriminating taste, that will not only be unique and well appreciated, but practical and beautiful as well. If you're presently facing this dilemma, then consider the watercolor house portrait. It's not only a beautiful and original gift idea, but it's a very thoughtful gift as well.

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 watercolor house portrait

5" x 7" Watercolor House Portrait = $ 45

8" x 10" Watercolor House Portrait = $ 75

11" x 14" Watercolor House Portrait = $ 95

Additional Text = $4


Change of Seasons = $ 20.00

Mounted in a black art mat included

Shipping included

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A watercolor house portrait makes a perfect gift for many occasions. As a moving in present for a new homeowner, it will serve as a beautiful keepsake that will always remind them of the excitement and happiness they felt when they moved into their new home. As a going-away gift for a friend or longtime neighbor, a beautifully rendered image of their former home will be a perfect new decoration to keep on display. As a donation to a library, local museum or historical society, a watercolor house portrait is as timeless as it is beautiful. For a wedding, retirement, birthday, or any commemorative occasion, you can be certain that a watercolor house portrait will always be a beautiful and unique gift. More beautiful and meaningful than a snapshot, a watercolor house portrait makes the perfect gift for art-lovers, home decorators, or anyone who enjoys timeless beauty.

 Fully customizable, a watercolor house portrait, in particular, can be rendered in most color schemes to suit the decorating needs of the recipient of this lovely gift. And beautiful, hand painted art is a classic touch to add to any room. A watercolor house portrait is especially beautiful because it captures the spirit of a piece of architecture. It will fill the viewer with the sense of peace and tranquility that a still life can bring, but it also carries the vibrant energy that is generated by the life of a home. In a few years, the piece will also carry with it a sense of history and the feeling of a story. A watercolor house portrait is an art piece that is not only timeless but that will look good in any home or office setting and is sure to be appreciated by all.

A watercolor house portrait, as part of a multiple collection, is a perfect theme for decorating a business office or office suite. Always interesting and inspiring to look at, each watercolor house portrait will carry it's own unique personality. Clients will be inspired, interested and filled with a sense of the dignity, strength and community roots possessed by the proprietor.

The watercolor house portrait is the perfect gift for most any occasion. Always unique and one of a kind, this particular kind of art is whimsical yet classic, modern yet timeless. It makes a good addition to any art aficionado's collection or a meaningful detail added to any room in the house. Be it a child's nursery or playroom, a home office or den, any kitchen or dining room, a watercolor house portrait will always fit into any decorator's scheme. It's truly the perfect gift for even the most discriminating of recipients.