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Due to the overwelling amount of orders placed lately. I will not be able to take anymore orders until late January.

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Hello and Welcome to House Portraits Online,
Finding a truly unique and one of a kind gift for people isn’t always an easy task.  If you are shopping around for a great gift for a proud homeowner, why not consider custom house portraits? Presenting someone with a portrait of their lovely home is bound to surprise and please them to no end.  Ordering such a gift is easy; all you need is a photograph of the house. From there, I will sketch, paint and create a wonderful keepsake. – Jeanna

watercolor house portrait closng gift
Watercolor Gallery

The watercolor style house portrait is my most requested style of portrait.  Timeless, exquisite, and easy to exhibit, a watercolor  painting brightens any room and establishes a wonderful conversation piece.
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The innate texture and coloration of a color pencil  portrait creates an extraordinary look. A delicate, but dramatic vista, that displays a home as it has never been seen before.
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Colored Pencil Gallery
pencil portrait french provential home
Pencil Portrait Gallery

A pencil portrait of a building is a timeless and classic. Architectural detail is very pronounced in the black and white pencil house portraits I do.
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