About the Artist

Before I started House Portraits Online, I  was a real estate agent in eastern Pennsylvania.  Trying to find the appropriate real estate closing gift was very hard for me. I had clients who didn’t drink, were on special diets, had more house ware products that they had room for even in a new house. Then I came upon the idea of giving a home portrait as real estate closing gift. Wouldn’t clients love them? After all, they just bought a house that they loved and were proud of; and I needed a real estate closing gift that would leave a lasting impression and hopefully get me future referrals. Although I have no formal art education, other than community college courses, painting and drawing have been my passion and hobby since I was 5 years old. So I started painting my clients new homes. The response was overwhelming.

Although I loved doing it, these custom house portraits where taking up much of my time.  After some searching on the internet and finding out the cost of having someone else do these house portraits, I made it my mission to come up with an affordable way to create them for myself and others to use as a real estate closing gifts. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and would be happy to answer any questions you have. 

Jeanna Nelis

About the Company

  • House Portraits Online was founded in 2009
  • I am located in Hellertown,  Pennsylvania
  • There is only one employee, me. The only hands that touch your portrait will be mine. From the start of your portrait until it is dropped off at the United States Post office for shipping, I am the only one involved in the process.

The creative process

  • First I will analyze of the reference photo which was submitted with your order.  One important thing I check is to see if it is a size with which I can work..  I will email you any questions I have regarding details of the house that I may not be able to see, such as door and garage door details.
  • Then I look at how I will make the portrait the standard size you ordered. This is the point where the decision is made whether  to add additional landscaping or more sky. It is also the stage where the composition of the portrait is fine tuned.
  • The home photo will be digitally transformed by hand into a rough a pencil sketch, color pencil drawing or watercolor for the basis of your final  house portrait  gift.
  • By manipulating and combining several sophisticated computer modeling programs a rough draft of the portrait is done. The portrait is then finished by hand in order to render the home photo into a realistic pencil sketch, color pencil drawing or watercolor. 
  • The house portrait will than be printed using the latest high quality printer on white acid free art paper specifically designed for art reproduction and matted with a white core bevel cut black mat.
  • This allows the creation of an affordable portrait of a home to be used as a unique and unforgettable personalized gift.

Please feel free to view this short video showing how I created a pet portrait. The process is very similar to how a house portrait is created.

Pallet watercolor-1
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