Pencil House Portraits

From Your Photos

Pencil house portraits…a truly distinctive gift

Pencil house portraits can be a gateway to preserving our past. Custom drawn pencil portraits of a home are a perfect choice for anyone longing to preserve the grandeur of a historic landmark building or family home. The hand drawn detail and black and white rendering can bring the onlooker back to the heartfelt nostalgia of days gone by.

custom house portrait of a craftsman sytle home

The details alone of a  black and white rendering of home can bring back cherished memories of your special places for years to come. Each of us carried within us a unique and personal story of our upbringing and family history.
You may ask yourself why choose a pencil portrait over a watercolor. The answer may lie in the pencil’s proclivity toward detail. The architectural details which our memories may omit or lose over time can be preserved in delicate but undeniablely precise detail. The architectural naunces are what make a building special. They are the details that make it a “home” as opposed to just a house. A photograph can minimize the impact of certain architectural distinctions. The distinctions hold, for those who witnessed them first hand, the soul or artistry of the home a pencil portrait can bring them into sharp focus without detracting from the general  feel fo the whole portraits.

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