House Portraits for Retirement Gifts

The Best and Most Unique Retirement Gift Idea...A House Portrait

A retirement gift of a portrait of a person’s workplace or business would be a great way to commemorate their career. Pride in their career and work place can be memorialized in a portrait of their workplace. One of the most time-honored traditions of the workplace is the presentation of a retirement gift to those whose years of dedicated service are coming to an end. A retirement gift makes a tangible memento of the retiree’s dedication to the job and commitment to the employer. It is a wonderful gesture to make, but it can be a very difficult one to plan. Finding a great Retirement Gift Idea means breaking away from the worn-out ideas and finding something that is thoughtful, beautiful, distinctive, and useful. Just as families appreciate a House Portrait as a lasting reminder of the home, retirees will truly enjoy and appreciate a gift with that level of thoughtfulness and individual character. Should you find yourself part of a team that must select a retirement gift for co-workers who are preparing to finish their careers with your employer, spend some time thinking about ways you can create a special recognition of your departing colleague. Think about why we give retirement gifts to begin with, and then consult with the rest of your gift committee to evaluate how you should go about identifying a gift that will truly demonstrate how much the company appreciates the retiree’s dedication, creativity, and hard work over the decades. Then consider how the right gift can bring all those elements together into a gift that can be shared and enjoyed in the home as a focal point of the decor.

Most Given Types of Retirement Gifts

retirement gift watercolor portrait pool business
Retirement Gfit Portrait of Pool Business

Like many gift-giving situations, retirement can be very difficult to choose an appropriate token to give. Certain presentations have become very familiar for this purpose, but many of them do little more than satisfy someone’s feeling of obligation to provide a gift.
Probably the most common gift is a gold watch, and many employees have received these at the end of their service. They were a good choice for many years, as they symbolized the time given by the worker as well as providing a valuable and beautiful accessory for them to wear. However, retirees have changed, and that means it’s time for their gifts to change as well. With the popularity of fitness trackers and the near-saturation of cell phones into society, most people have at least one timepiece on their person at all times, making a watch redundant. Watches given as gifts today are likely to stay in the box and collect dust.
Another popular item is the commemorative pen. These provide a nice place for an inscription, and they have some practical value as well. But they too have fallen out of favor, partly because they eventually run out of ink and prove to be worthless. In addition, someone who is retiring is likely to write less than they have in years, so a pen is not all that useful to them.
More recently, gift cards have gathered momentum as a simple, quick gift. That’s exactly what makes them less appealing for a retirement gift. When someone has provided 30 or 40 years of work, the least we can do is spend a little time deciding what to give them. Gift cards also lack any real connection for the recipient; the same card could be presented to almost anybody for almost any occasion.
Plaques are a common memento as well, but their value drops to almost nothing as soon as they have been presented. Plaques generally don’t provide any information that wasn’t just given by the presenter. They rarely match the recipient’s home and can be very difficult for them to place.

Something Better and Unique: A portrait of the Workplace

The pursuit of that thoughtful, meaningful, and useful Retirement Gift Idea can be frustrating, but for many retirement gifts, the search will end with a portrait of the workplace. Such an item does so many things for the retiree, far beyond simply creating a photo opportunity for the final day of work.
A portrait can bring continuity and sustain good memories for the retiring worker. The adjustment to retired life can be difficult, with the familiar sights and sounds leaving the daily routine.
A portrait can remind the retiree of the many years spent on the job, serving as a visual reminder of what was accomplished in that long tenure. With that much commitment to an employer, we also feel an ownership in our workplaces. When we clock out for that final time, we still feel like we carry the place as a part of ourselves. The workplace portrait can capture that sense of unity and belonging in a beautiful way, and it will also preserve the building as the worker remembers it even if future renovations, relocations, or expansions create a different look for the company.
In addition, the portrait can integrate into the home more seamlessly than plaques or certificates. Just as family photos dot the wall as a snapshot of what is important, a retiree can display the workplace portrait as another element of what made the family what it is today.
And of course, the thoughtfulness factor is off the charts. A retiree will be thrilled to receive the portrait, knowing the effort, planning, consideration, and attention it took to choose that particular gift for its personal, enduring nature. The portrait can also include personal information such as the name, the employer’s name, and the dates of service for the employee. The retiree will greatly appreciate these added details that will allow the portrait to speak for itself in the retiree’s home. With one quick glance, the retiree’s career can be seen by anyone who views the portrait. Finally, the portrait will fit in with the decor, ensuring that it will be proudly displayed in the home without creating a distraction from a look that was otherwise well-coordinated and beautiful.

retirement gift pencil portrait
Pencil Portrait of Business Given as a Retirement Gift

Considering a Portrait of the Workplace May Be the Most Thoughtful Retirement Gift

It is easy to spend a lot of money on a retirement gift without achieving any kind of personal connection with the recipient. When a worker has given so much time to the company, it is only fitting to present that devoted worker with a gift that will provide enjoyment and pride for years to come. You want a gift that will last. An ink pen will soon prove useless, and a plaque is just a durable version of a retirement speech. Watches are losing popularity, and gift cards come across as a rubber stamp that is given just to make the giver feel better. Every retiree will appreciate the effort made to provide a gift that is uniquely personal the way a workplace or House Portrait is. For the giver, they provide the best of all options. They are affordably priced, putting them within the reach of even a small employer (or a large one with many retirees each year). They are also simple to order, without a long process of shopping all over town or sending out an endless stream of emails in search of the right gift. In short, a workplace portraits covers all the things that a thoughtful gift should do. It is personal, providing a lifelong link to one’s career and even displaying the dates of that career. It is beautiful, providing a lovely decorative element that could serve as a piece of art even for someone with no ties to the actual building. It is thoughtful, reflecting an investment of consideration and thought that matches the many years on the job provided by the retiree. Any retiree will appreciate a workplace portrait as recognition of their devoted years of service.

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